Stop making do with bland, soggy “fresh” food. Create your own food haven right at home with a fruitful kitchen garden. It’s frustrating not having everything you need to complete a masterpiece in the kitchen – but it’s even more frustrating to pay top dollar for mediocre food that could be doing more harm than good! According to the Environmental Working Group, pesticide residue was found on more than 70% of non-organic food. Anything strong enough to kill pests is going to have a dangerous impact on our health-more so on the health of our children! But considering the rising cost of food and living expenses in general, it’s not practical for many families to buy organic food. When there is a disruption in the food supply, finding good food at any cost is harder than ever. So, we turn to growing our own food. How do you feed a family with delicious and nutritious food and not go broke doing so? How do you do this year-round instead of only during your growing season? Many people don’t realize that with little time and money, they can take advantage of the indoor space they have and grow a multitude of food for all seasons.

That is, if they have the right knowledge! In this guide, you will discover:

  • How to decide on the best indoor gardening system for the space you have, from containers to vertical systems-and even your own simple hydroponics system
  • The basics of plant science so that you can master the essentials of food crop needs from day one
  • The best grow lights for different food plants when your windowsills are full
  • ┬áCost-effective watering systems to keep your workload to a minimum
  • 10 plants that are easy to grow and take just a few weeks to harvest-edible results with little input
  • How to group certain plants together for mutual benefits from healthier plants to improved flavor
  • ┬áThe best annual plants to grow indoors with step-by-step guides for starting seeds, caring for plants, and harvesting-plus bonus tips for year-round food on the table
  • 10 perennial plants that will keep giving you food year after year
  • Potential problems with your kitchen garden, how to identify them, and overcome them without chemicals

And much more!
It’s certainly true that store-bought fresh goods are convenient and more so for people who are under pressure and weighed down with responsibilities. But growing plants at home doesn’t have to take much time and effort. Maintaining your plants will easily fit into a daily or weekly routine. The plants will also beautify your home! With the simple steps for each unique food plant, your home will soon be converted to the most convenient supply of fresh, nutritious food you can imagine. This book will be your guide.